Matts tablet is being awfully forward about things now

it tried to correct ‘sexuality’ to ‘sex u a little’ and ‘sex u a litter’ im fucking done

sexuality: hot dads doing chores

'you cant be into bdsm and a feminist at the same time'
ur assuming my girlfriend is submissive and that i dont want her to step on me. excuse you

why is no one on my dash talking about tom and albert walking arm in arm. what the fuck

confession: TWAU bluebeard is hot as hell and i would climb him like a tree


getting attached to an unpopular ship with little to none fanfics



what have i found

Wait, what's wrong with john green? Honest question, I'm just curious.


ive been putting him on blast over his shitty writing for a full 24 hours+ now but recently someone called him out on the trashy shit garbage defense of what laci green has said about transwomen and he threw a baby shit fit over how much it hurt it feelings over using a slur, never apologizing for it and committing crimes against the arts with his books.

"i hope that im not transphobic" says a man who unapologetically dropped the t word while defending one of his favorite youtube superstar specimens 

I don’t need gasoline to burn stuff down, guys. All I need is these two hands and a lack of adult supervision.
Joe, Act II

heavybomb replied to your post: [sweats nervously]

joe joe no joe plz plz no


this is a picture of two turtles


Act 3 when


i want 2 believe